The Black Swan 22m

The Black Swan 22 delivers what is arguably the perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and safety afloat – without compromising comfort, convenience, or style.

At 22 meters in length (72’), the Black Swan 22 is sized and equipped for a couple, a family, or friends, to pursue any dream of coastal or offshore adventure.  As a light displacement to length vessel with higher length to beam ratio than found in trawler type vessels, the handling and control of the Black Swan 22 is excellent – comparable to a smaller vessel.

The Black Swan 22 becomes the clear vessel of choice for those who might fancy summers in Alaska and winters in Mexico or Central America.  Those considering summers exploring the endless Scandinavian shoreline, while wintering in the Mediterranean will find there is nothing that compares. The unique characteristics of the Black Swan 22 will instill confidence to explore the world’s most rugged and remote coastlines.

Such coastal cruising comes easy to the Black Swan 22, as every Black Swan is designed and built to accommodate dreams of distant horizons and landfalls.  The performance and safety imparted to the Black Swan 22 allows for migrations across the Atlantic Ocean, a tour of the Pacific, or a circumnavigation of the globe.  Any offshore adventure is well within the scope of ownership with the Black Swan 22.

Consider these key Black Swan 22 characteristics:

  • 10-12 knot cruise speed, 13+ knot top speed
  • 3200 nm range at cruise, 5000 nm at 9 knots
  • Minimal pitch and roll due to stabilizers and hull design
  • Excellent handling and control in large breaking seas
  • Tough construction with 4 watertight bulkheads
  • Double bottom formed by integral tanks in critical areas
  • Self-rescuing from a capsize for ultimate peace of mind
  • Simple user interface for operation and management of vessel
  • Seagoing layout and features for comfort at sea, anchor, or dockside
  • Dinghy garage allows easily launched and retrieved large RIB
  • Accommodations designed to live well, both inside and out

The sum of these characteristics distinguishes the Black Swan 22 from all other coastal and offshore cruisers.  To explore all the details that make for such a special yacht, make sure to explore the ‘Specifications’ tab.

The team at Black Swan Yachts has spent the past 25 years turning cruising and passage-making dreams into reality that exceeds expectations.  We are confident the Black Swan 22 will help reshape for the 21st Century the way adventure afloat is perceived.