It is in our name.  Black Swans are rare, strong, and beautiful.  In a sea of white plastic we offer Black Swans.  Additionally, Black Swan Theory*, a metaphor typically applied to financial markets and historical events, captured our imagination as a philosophy to designing and building boats.

A Black Swan event lies outside the realm of regular expectations is a surprise, has major unforeseen effect, yet can be rationalized by hindsight.

Experience at sea has taught us how applicable Black Swan Theory can be.  By building “robustness” against potential negative events, while imparting ability to exploit the positive, we seek to deliver black-swan-robust vessels that instill complete confidence to pursue the dream.

*The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb – 2010 Random House


Our Passion:

The design, build, and support of vessels able to deliver the dream of distant horizons and anchorages in the safest, most efficient and comfortable platform available.  There are plenty of good boats afloat but very few capable of our expectations.


Our Approach:

Form follows function.
Less is more.
Simplicity imparts beauty.
Mitigating risk creates confidence.
Integrity in everything we do.


Our Overriding Objective:

To grow the market of passage making and distance cruising motor yachts through design, build and support of vessels that inspire confidence in the dream.